Text Analytics for Impactful Customer Feedback Insights

Improve customer experiences quickly and confidently using Keatext's AI-driven analysis and recommendations.

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Unlock the full potential of your customer insights

Quickly identify issues, root causes of detractors, and strengths that create promoters. Prioritize where to focus first to make impactful improvements in your customer journey.

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Instantly sense the pulse of your customers with customizable and shareable dashboards that highlight issues to address and alert you to trends.

Pinpoint blind spots in your customer journey

Get a head start with AI-assisted customer feedback reporting

Get a ready-to-share executive summary that captures the top issues in your feedback and recommends how to address them using GPT-generated natural language.


Identify the root causes of negative reviews

Monitor every stage of the customer journey


Understand what drives NPS and CSAT scores


Improve time to resolution and reduce churn

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Chris Gast

VP of Customer Experience

Gaining a clear understanding of the actual root cause of a problem is a game-changer for our customer journey.

Customer Success Stories

Cyrine Ben Ncib

Marketing Specialist

Keatext was the methodology that was missing to give us the opportunity to go deeper in the data and the insights.

Myshka Sansoin

Global Customer Advocate

Before Keatext, we didn’t have a method of putting feedback together to get a 360º view of what customers were telling us.

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Instant insights extracted from your customer feedback


Text analysis using state of the art, industry-agnostic AI


Recommendations with measurable impact on satisfaction


Ready-to-share reports built for you automatically


Get up and running in minutes without training any models

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AI-Powered Customer Feedback Analysis

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Identify the root causes of bad reviews


Understand what drives NPS and CSAT scores


Improve time to resolution and reduce churn

Analyze all your customer feedback channels

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